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You're so, so, right and this is all so, so wrong. Nicholas and Alexandra,p. I died my hair blonde and all the men chase me and considered a looker. The Journal of Family Welfare. It seems like the world has a fascination with redheaded people, something about the rarity of the hair color elicits reactions from everyone else. Before I spewed something at her that likely concreted for her that she had a mini-demon hell spawn on her sacred church ground. Unnatural Hate for Natural Redheads If this is the first time you have ever considered that there are people who hate redheads just because they are redheads, then it is already quite apparent that you are not a redhead.

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But in the end, he didn't want a redhaired wife, and he certainly didn't want redhaired kids.

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Savanna, Kathy don't let one girl bring your son down most mexicans girls asian girls and many blonde women love red headed men I know cause my brother is a redhead and the mexican girl hes dating wants to marry him so bad but he just isnt ready and I know a redheaded guy friend whos getting married to the most beautiful blonde and she asked him. People wonder why gingers have tempers. Retrieved 17 March In fact, I didnt even know it was red until this guy in highschool made the joke "gingers have no soul" to me and another red headed girl had to explain to me what a ginger even was. I hate public showers. I'm mostly Swedish, Irish, Dutch, and Cherokee.

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